In 2018, ye Fatuki saw a vision, a route, a life-style. That has never been taken before

FUCK-THESE-BRANDS is a community, a creation,  a TERM. FUCK-THESE-BRANDS AREn’t words thrown together it's a MOVEMENT. This Brand was created to connect individuals from all parts of the world and show people that this lifestyle isn’t a short thing but it is a


All these IDEAS and COLLABS are to show homage to the influencers that have been apart of my life growing up! My brand is also paying homage to those brands that weren’t anything but just a simple idea. “NEVER HAD SHIT SO I SAID FUCK IT” this statement is how I feel every designer has taken that quote & put action into it. That’s how literally every brand started they didn’t have anything but they did have an idea so they basically said fuck it let’s do it. Stan Lee had an idea for Spider-Man. He talked about how Spider-Man was a teenager THAT had superpowers but his boss thought it was the dumbest idea ever but Stan Lee didn’t let that stop him he still said fuck it and decided to publish the Spider-Man character and Spider-Man is one of the top fan-favorite characters in the MARVEL series. Take risk!